Lithuanian instruments

Skrabalai (wooden bells)

Different sized trapezoidal wooden trays with inside equipped with one or two hanging wooden pencils – ,,kankalai’’ . Wooden bells moving, knocking the cartridge tray walls , which wmit a subdued but well wudible sound. The sound emitted heights depend on a wooden tray sizes .

Wooden bells have long been used for the shepherds. This wooden bell they tie the cows neck and grazing in the forest, it is easier to discover the animals.

Birbynė (hornpipe)

Blasting  Lithuanian folk music instrument. This is a one or two prongs aerofone with mouthpiece, or not. Made from wood, bark, horn, straw, goose feathers. The most simple birbynė (hornpipe) was produced shepherds. Affected by classical instruments such as the clarinet, reed has become more complex and is used in the professional music. Current birbynė made of wood, has urged the cup, tone holes. Divided into 3 categories: soprano, tenor and bass.

Skudučiai (skuduciai)

Lithuanian folk wind instrument - closed with multiple flute. Panpipes suite consists of a number of different sizes and closed in some way coordinated wooden pipes. It is a group of collective musical instrument. Traditional musical compositions skuduciai always performed by several artists group (from 2 to 7 s). One pan flute blown only one defined above sound.